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Hello, I'm Natasha — an independent designer based in Brighton, UK. DUST is my little design studio specialising in print and branding for small businesses and independent designers. Lets work together!

Nicci Talbot Communications

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Nicci Talbot is a journalist and author with over 20 years media experience. She came to DUST needing a strong brand identity for her company Nicci Talbot Communications. She wanted something contemporary and stylish with a feminine edge. Keeping this in mind I worked with her to create a brand identity that was modern, simple and beautiful, using a feminine palette combined with a handwritten font to give her brand a personal touch.


When launching a new brand identity it is important that you ensure consistency both on and offline. Nicci chose the 'brand identity' package which included the creation of all social media graphics, a business card and letterhead design. For the brand collateral I kept the design clean and simple, letting the new identity be the main focus.

"Natasha is an efficient and intuitive designer and came up with a fabulous logo for me based on some initial images. I am really happy with the design and it makes a huge difference to how you feel about your business. I love the logo and have really enjoyed working with her"

– Nicci Talbot